Flanders Film also has a lot of expertise in using the 3D-Vista program. How does this work?

  1. Importing 360-degree Image Material:

    • We add 360-degree image material to a project. This can include photos taken with a 360-degree camera or panoramas created with a drone.
  2. Editing Images:

    • We take advantage of the capability to edit images, such as adjusting exposure, contrast, colors, sharpness, pixel count, etc… .
  3. Adding Hotspots:

    • We place interactive hotspots at specific points within the 360-degree images. Hotspots can link to other images, videos, sounds, or external web pages.
  4. Customizing Navigation:

    • We set navigation options, such as how users can navigate through the virtual tour (e.g., click and drag, automatic tour, etc… )
  5. Adding Multimedia Elements:

    • We can incorporate multimedia elements, such as videos, sounds, images, or text, to enhance the overall experience.
  6. Setting Interactivity:

    • We have the ability to configure interactive elements such as quizzes, forms, or surveys, depending on the intended goal.

Example:  view of Kortrijk city: please check the hotspots